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Jenna has delivered engaging, authentic, and truthful performances for an extensive range of voice over projects including national commercials, promo, in-show narration, animation, corporate / industrial content, eLearning, meditation and so much more. Have a listen:

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Commercial Work Demo

Corporate + Medical Narration Demo

Character Demo

E-Learning Demo

Promo Demo


Radio: Tropical Smoothie

Live Announce Demo

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Video Reels and Samples
Hulu Promo
Live Announce Reel
LG Commercial
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Mic Check!

Top-quality voice over work starts with bangin’ gear. With top-of-the-line, industry-standard equipment in a state-of-the-art home studio, my set up will make your audio sing. Need a live session? Jenna can work with you in whatever way works best for you whether it be Source-Connect, Zoom, Meets, or Teams, just let her know!

Listen to a Studio Sample

Sennheiser MKH-416

Apollo Solo

Reaper + IzotopeRX

Studiobricks One XXL

Source Connect

Learn about Jenna

With over a decade of professional acting and voice over experience, Jenna Pinchbeck (or JP Beck to all the cool kids) has provided engaging, warm and conversational audio for clients like: Forbes, Apple, Coach, Shopify and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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VO Services

Capture your brand's authentic voice and message. With a passion for storytelling, Jenna’s intuition and expertise guides clients toward a final product designed specifically for their audience. Click the links below to discover how Jenna can help bring your brand's story to life.

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Jenna’s always working on new and exciting projects. Be sure to stay up to date with her voice over work on all the social media platforms.

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