Jenna was a great creative collaborator, a real pro, and fun to work with. Looking forward to working together again!

– Proper Medium

With over a decade of professional acting and voice over experience, Jenna Pinchbeck (or JP Beck to all the cool kids) has provided engaging, warm and conversational audio for clients like: Forbes, Hulu, IBM, Apple, Coach, Shopify and Anastasia Beverly Hills and more. Her broadcast-ready home studio (primo for a quick turn around) is top of the line and she records on the industry standard Sennheiser MKH416.

Jenna’s collaborative approach is hyper focused on storytelling. She has an innate ability to understand and communicate a brand’s message through engaging performance be it e-learning, commercial or industrial content.

Her background in theatre and film has only served to heighten her voice over career; preparing her for grounded authentic reads, believability, and deep character exploration.

When she’s not in the booth, Jenna is exploring the world with her partner, Matthew (who built this epic website) and her silly cat, Beef (who loves to make appearances in the booth from time to time).

Jenna is proudly managed by Amplify Artists Group.

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The Scrappy Voice Collective

An online community of co-working Voice Actors at every level.

Working as a Voice Actor can be pretty lonely at times working alone in our respective booths only to interact with others when we are on a live session. So Jenna did something about it. She co-founded The Scrappy Voice Collective. An online community of co-working Voice Actors at every level who's mission is to foster support, share resources, and build camaraderie within the Voice Over industry while lowering the financial bar of entry for folks looking to get into the industry. On Discord The Scrappy VO Collective holds events, workouts, and master classes on discord and help each other grow, It's the most incredible group of artists Jenna has ever had the pleasure of collaborating with. If you're interested in Joining, send a message!

Public Accountability Pledge

For non-Black members of the theatrical community

I pledge to be held publicly accountable in making Broadway and the larger theatrical industry an anti-racist, equitable community. I pledge to continue to show up in the coming months and years to learn about my role as an ally. I will actively create space for the community to continue to hold me accountable if and when I am not doing my part to stand up against structural racism. I will listen in order to understand, not to defend or deflect.

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Jenna’s always working on new and exciting projects. Be sure to stay up to date with her voice over work on all the social media platforms.

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