Hey there! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm a Voice Actor,

Theatre Artist, and Singer living on the unceded land of

The Lenape Nation in what is also known as Philadelphia.

I record all of my VO from my home studio and love working

with my clients to help their brands stand out and characters shine. 

In June of 2021, I teamed up with some incredible artists to create Protect The Artist and would love for you to visit our website to learn more! www.protecttheartist.com

 I would like to share the following pledge. As a white creator, I promise to strive for these ideals every day, in every project I take on. I have a lot of work to do. I would be honored if you'd hold me accountable. - Jenna


Broadway Advocacy Coalition


For non-Black members of the theatrical community


I pledge to be held publicly accountable in making Broadway and the larger theatrical industry an anti-racist, equitable community. I pledge to continue to show up in the coming months and years to learn about my role as an ally. I will actively create space for the community to continue to hold me accountable if and when I am not doing my part to stand up against structural racism. I will listen in order to understand, not to defend or deflect.


I recognize that the work will require a long-term commitment to identifying and addressing racism, making necessary policy changes, building equitable and inclusive workplaces, and remaining accountable. 


 I pledge to insist that spaces where I lend my creative talent must actively pursue the work of anti-racism.


I pledge to lean into difficult conversations with individuals and institutions in the industry who have not made these commitments or who are failing to live up to them.


I pledge to examine and dismantle my own learned racism. I will sit in the discomfort this brings, and will not let my discomfort render me silent or derail the necessary work.


I pledge to use my social, cultural, and financial capital to amplify institutions and productions led by people of color, and to call out those that do not involve this leadership.


Signing this pledge does not take me off the hook. I am making a public, long-term commitment to these practices. Hold me accountable.

Sign the pledge with me